Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And Here We Go!

I have always loved weddings, and was so excited when my oldest daughter Amanda became formally engaged in the spring of 2010.  I loved planning my own wedding 25 years ago, and hoped to be of help to her, although from the start she was intent on doing a lot of the planning herself. My job was to be supportive and offer suggestions without forcing my wishes on her.

As I started this blog, the most fun/easy thing was done -- she had chosen the dress already. It concerned me that we only looked at two stores and she found it at the second one, but we both almost immediately fell in love with the dress. It took a while, though, to put down a deposit and order it, because of the logistical challenge her wedding presented us with.

We live in Flower Mound, Texas; the dress Amanda selected was in a bridal shop in Denton, Texas which is almost an hour north of Flower Mound. The wedding was planned to be in Waco, Texas -- about 2 hours drive-time south of home; and at the time, she was temporarily working in Austin, Texas which is even further south than Waco. Her fiance Ian was from New Braunfels, which is even further south from Austin!

For several months no one had seen the dress yet except me; Amanda was hoping to let some of her bridesmaids see the dress before actually buying it. And it took her a while to name the bridesmaids, too. But none of the shops she contacted in Austin had the dress in stock. They could order it for her (being a Maggie Sottero) but as far as having one for her to try on, no luck. So, we were at our first roadblock.

Second issue that came up was a slight delay in choosing the official date of the wedding! But more on that, later.