Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Blahs...

So I think we kind of hit a wall for a bit.  After the initial excitement, Amanda didn't seem to be too much into wedding planning during the Fall. (Of course she was just starting her senior year of college, moved to a new apartment, and still basking in the moment of being newly engaged, so there were some understandable distractions.)

I had done just about all I could from my perspective; spending many lunch hours at the Jack-in-the Box near my workplace crunching out the budget numbers for all the categories (which were still impossibly low in some cases.) I'm sure the restaurant staff wondered who this lady with the big white binder and calculator was, and what she was doing.  When I had them about finalized, my husband Wes punched the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet for me.

I had done some preliminary online browsing of vendors; but I realized Amanda would rather scout them out herself.  Except she just didn't have the time or energy to do that.  She had told me a couple of months prior that she was already getting burned out on wedding planning and was taking a break from it, and in her sweet way suggested I do the same. (In other words, "Back off, Mom!")

I was a bit disappointed that the wedding planner we hired still had not contacted my daughter for a meet-up. So I think even Denise had the blahs. I really wanted to attend that first meeting, but it would mean a 5 hour round trip drive, so didn't know if it would happen or not.

I just had to resign myself to backing off...Amanda knew her budget guidelines; and she needed to do the designing and choosing.  You know, the old trite saying is appropriate here. It was HER wedding, not MINE! But it was frustrating as the weeks rolled by, having to stay in stand-by mode... I was just scared it would come down to the wire and we would have to go into panic mode.

I guess the honeymoon glow of the wedding planning was over... I think it started fading when we hit a little bit of a snag a few months ago regarding the guest list.