Monday, October 4, 2010

Vendor Selection Has Started (But Still Working on the Wedding Party!)

Things were now picking up pace a little:

1. We hired a wedding photographer. A nice older couple who did decent work but whose prices were reasonable. - Wendell and Mary Sanford.

2. I made the trek down to Waco for the first meeting with the wedding coordinator, Denise Harlan.  She was energetic and capable, and very talkative. I was sure she'd do a good job for us. I just hoped we continued to get along, and I still wasn't totally clear on how much she would do for us before the wedding weekend.  She was talking us about doing the flowers, too. I was temped because I felt she would "take ownership" of the floral and decor rather than just coordinate the wedding weekend for us. It sounded like there may be some financial perks for using her for flowers too.

3. At this point we were still looking at DJ's. Got a few referrals from the photographer and coordinator. Would much rather use someone that somebody recommends, rather than just doing blind web searches. (Although that's pretty much how we found the coordinator and the photographer!) Amanda's main concern with the DJ was that he/she doesn't cost too much. Personally, I think a good DJ makes a reception so much more enjoyable!

4. I was hinting that Amanda and Ian needed to set up their engagement photos. They had a photographer friend lined up for that, who unfortunately was not available for the wedding itself, but they just had not settled on a date to take the shots. Save the Date cards couldn't go out until the engagement shots were ready, so I hoped it would be soon.

5. She still had not named the final bridesmaids, nor had she settled on dresses. She and her sister were planning a little sister bonding time later that month to go shopping for them, though.

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